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A Bad Idea 119

David lay in bed, silent and alone. After all their talking and hugging, he’d convinced his mother to go home. She hadn’t slept in a while; he could tell by the bags under her eyes. She’d appreciate sleeping in a bed, he knew. He’d already caused her so much pain and discomfort. He had to […]

A Bad Idea 118

One liquor store run and a bottle of tequila later, Shade and Anne sat on Anne’s couch, talking. “I don’t want to talk about Cat anymore,” Shade said. “She’s always had her problems. I knew about them before. I just didn’t think she…” “We can stop talking about Cat,” Anne said. “She does kind of […]

A Bad Idea 117

Shade tried figuring out why Cat would text that — why she would tell Shade to go fuck herself, instead of explaining where she was. Was it really her? Yeah, she decided. Cat would say something like that. But where had she gone? Why hadn’t she gone back to her room? In prison, Shade had […]

A Bad Idea 116

“What?!?” Shade asked, looking at her phone. “What,” Anne said, in a curious, less unbelieving sort of way. “What?” Superfreak asked, confused by both Shade and Anne. Anne looked at the text Cat had just sent Shade, the one that said, “Go fck yourself.” “Go fuck yourself!” Anne told the phone. “We thought you were […]

A Bad Idea 115

“Intergalactic immunity,” Melixxandra said, fighting to keep her eyes from rolling at every word (it’d be a ridiculous sight, but merited in this case). “Do you understand the words that I’m saying? Do you need me to say them more slowly? Innnnnn–” “I understand you,” the cop said. The two of them sat in an […]

A Bad Idea 114

While Melissa Klaw passed out drunk on the couch and Theo loped around the house like a cat, George went to the bar, mustering up the liquid courage required to confront Cat. This left Cat with a bit of alone time. So, all by herself in the master bedroom, she began drifting into sleep. It […]

A Bad Idea 113

The Present “I’m going to send one more text,” Shade said, sitting at Bagels And. “You’re going to lose all your cool cred,” Anne said in a sing-song-y voice. “It’s a good idea,” Superfreak said. “What are you going to say?” “Probably just ‘hey’, again.” “Yeah,” Superfreak said, smiling as he leaned back, “Hey.” It […]