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A Worse Idea 114

The prison cafeteria stank, much as you would expect it to. That didn’t bother Randy, not these days. These days, Randy wasn’t bothered by much of anything. He sat at a cafeteria table by himself, picking away at his dinner: 2 ounces of meat, half a cup of vegetables. Before, his life had seen so […]

A Worse Idea 113

“Why are you guys acting weird?” Anne asked, walking up to one of the metal tables. She sat down and began logging onto her computer. “God, was there some body-swapping hijinks while I was gone? Or, like, did a telepath take you guys over? I went to school with a third grader who nobody realized […]


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A Worse Idea 112

‘Innocent’ is a word that very rarely described Anne. Was she innocent of Ricky’s murder? Nope. David’s murder? Nope. Janet’s murder? Nope. Building a giant mech that wrecked shit? Nope. Stealing Wild Whip’s whip? Nope. That’s what made this situation so peculiar. You see, she was innocent when she drove her car into Prometheus’s garage. […]

A Worse Idea 111

“So lemme get this straight,” Sharise said, talking to Prometheus on the phone. “You hire this bitch, make me work with her, and now you’re thinking she’s maybe doing shit?” Prometheus knew it wasn’t a good idea to tell Sharise he thought Anne had possibly murdered Janet. Still, he needed her help. “I think it’s […]

A Worse Idea 110

With a bit of clever maneuvering, Prometheus got his car within seeing distance of Anne’s before too long. The two drove for quite a while. The whole time, Prometheus wasn’t quite sure what he was after. Where did Anne go after work? What did she do? Who was she with? Truth be told, he wasn’t […]

A Worse Idea 109

Shortly after Anne left the garage, Prometheus got on his laptop, which sat on one of the several desks in the garage. (Sidebar: have you ever noticed how sketchy some superhero lairs are? Like, what the hell man? Is it a garage or a science lab or workout room? I get why superhero lairs are […]