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A Bad Idea 140

David’s eyes were wild. For a moment, he’d forgotten about Ricky’s murder. He’d been feeling so cloudy, he could barely… Well, no matter. The second he saw Shade, he remembered all the anger. He remembered how afraid he was, to live in a world where he’d seen such tragedy. Anne’s thoughts were less complicated.  They […]

A Bad Idea 139

Matthew and Louis took the first flight to Virginia. The Bureau hadn’t been happy about it, but Louis had made a convincing argument: it’d look fishy if he flew up without Matthew. Galactic Man would know something was wrong. And that would be wrong. Right? Louis and Matthew fucked in the plane’s bathroom. They knew […]

A Bad Idea 138

Shade and Anne sat in Anne’s dorm, bumming around, not sure what to do, or what they wanted to do. Things had been so rough recently. Shade ran her fingers through her hair, remembering the bloodshed in her past: the aftermath of the robbery-gone-bad, the stuff she thought about late and night when all she […]

A Bad Idea 137

David walked across the courtyard towards IVA South. There was no foot traffic, meaning it’d be hard to get into the building without looking suspicious (again). He sighed, looking at the locked door. He craned his neck, letting his head turn back as he looked up at the sky. He let out a long, deep […]

A Bad Idea 136

Eventually, a Freshman made her way into the elevator. She was a little surprised to see David standing there, but he smiled. “Forgot my key,” he said. She smiled back. “What floor you live on?” He believed in the smile. It distracted him. “Better question is, what floor do you live on?” She rolled her […]

A Bad Idea 135

David wanted to play it cool until he could find Anne. If he made a mess of things early, he figured that would give Shade a chance to escape his wrath. So he stood outside the door — the door for which he didn’t have a key. It wasn’t even a legit door with a […]

A Bad Idea 134

When David got to campus, he realized he was being faced with a terrible problem: figuring out where the hell Shade lived. He stopped flying — landed at the edge of campus. He knew where Anne lived, sort of. Ricky had told him that she lived in… Heritage Park Towers? No, that was someone else […]