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A Worse Idea 28

Shade’s fingers slid across her neck. She felt the dart that’d caused the pain. “I never told you why I went to prison,” Shade said. “What’s in your neck?” Anne asked. Shade pulled the dart out. “You have any Band-Aids?” “Oh my fucking…” Anne began, then realized she should probably look for the Band-Aids. “Yeah, […]

A Worse Idea 27

It’s odd how two people can grow so close and yet feel so apart. Shade stood in Anne’s living room, looking at Anne, terrified for her life. At the same time, Anne stood in her living room, looking at Shade, unsure what was going on. They’d seen each other, sure. And they’d talked some, too. […]

A Worse Idea 26

The bar should’ve been closed half an hour ago, but Shade always struggled to get the last guy out. It was always the same guy, too — Carmine, some strung-out vigilante from the sixties, who’d seen too many impossible things while taking psychedelics. Once she made sure Carmine got up to his room, Shade relaxed. […]

A Worse Idea 25

Prometheus went to the morgue by himself, to see if he could identify the body. He could. “It’s her,” he said, looking at the birthmark on Katie’s arm. He remembered that from when she was a kid. The smell of the room was terrible, but Prometheus still lingered for a second. Even if Katie’s dead […]

A Worse Idea 24

After an awkward moment of silence, Prometheus opened his mouth to speak. He didn’t know exactly what he planned on saying — something to the effect of “Try not to bring up your criminal record when I’m talking to you, Anne, because it’s uncomfortable,” seemed like the way to go — but the radio-cum-police-scanner preempted […]

A Worse Idea 23

Prometheus came to work bone-tired, sometime in the mid-afternoon. The garage shutter began to rise just as he got within sight of it, and he smiled. After the nightmare of last night — finding out that Katie had gotten herself into so much trouble — it would be nice to have some peace and quiet. […]

A Worse Idea 22

Randy got back up to his floor and walked out of the elevator. He used the keycard to enter the room where he’d just killed Katie. It was awkward to cut her skin with a fork and knife, but he managed alright. Took the skin he needed so he could graft it onto himself. He […]