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A Bad Idea 9

If you’re coming from Drew Hayes’s site, this is the chapter to start with! The guest post I did there was a combo of the first eight chapters. Hope you enjoy! — The box flew out of Anne’s hands, falling upwards. Jeanine smirked, working her telekinetic magic. “It’s light,” Jeanine said. “That narrows things down,” […]

A Bad Idea 8

The Owls’s superhero hangout looked out of place. It was a couple blocks from campus, surrounded by smaller houses across the street and a church right next door. There were a bunch of cars parked by the church — some sort of wedding, probably. The house itself stood three stories high. Looked like a mansion. Anne […]

A Bad Idea 7

Anne stood in front of the bathroom mirror, an old penny sitting just to the left of her hand. There was still another two hours before The Exxterminator’s party. A part of her wanted to call Shade — just to have someone to talk to, to fill the silence with. But that wasn’t a sharp […]

A Bad Idea 6

“You bring your arch nemesis into my house? And then you fuck him on my kitchen island?” the lady on the small television said, while Anne bleached the carpet, getting rid of the sight of blood. “You’re nasty, but more than that, you’re disrespectful.” Real Miami Superheroes wasn’t a show she paid all that much […]

A Bad Idea 5

He looked a little taken aback, but it’s not like Anne gave a shit. What did The Exxterminator’s birthday have to do with her? “The Owls are throwing a party for him,” David said, the Owls being the superhero team that he led. “I was hoping you’d come.” “Oh,” she said. That really came as […]

A Bad Idea 4

“Hey Anne,” David the arch nemesis said, holding a card and envelope in his hand. “Hey?” Anne said, standing in the Walgreens, holding bleach and a bottle of wine. “Don’t switch the labels,” he said, pleased with himself for being so funny. “Haha.” “I–” “Sorry, bad joke. Bleach humor.” Though he said it was a bad joke, […]

A Bad Idea 3

Shade said that Anne didn’t need to know where the body was buried. The less she knew, the better things were for everybody. So Shade transported the chopped up bits to whatever hiding spot she’d come up with, while Anne just had to figure out how to clean all the blood up. First Anne took […]