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Pixel Courage 40

The temple made me uncomfortable. A lot of things in this game made me uncomfortable, but the temple was a whole new level. First you had the pillars of binary to pass by, which highlighted how self-aware so many of these NPCs were. They heard the PCs talking about the real world, talking about how […]

Pixel Courage 39

There didn’t seem to be any trouble on the way to The Thorny Sword, but that wasn’t so much of a surprise. The point of the ‘mission’ seemed to be less about fighting and more about her talking to me. She was a good talker. Her name was Raine. “I like talking to Heroes,” Raine […]

Pixel Courage 38

In the darkness of The Sewers, it was hard to tell where exactly the Blood Dragon was. But clearly, he was close. Panic set in. Couldn’t let the dragon see me. And so, as the dragon wailed on — roaring about something lost, something found, or maybe just the wickedness of a life created solely […]

Pixel Courage 37

Death felt like an old acquaintance I’d met once. One who I’d really hoped I wouldn’t have to meet again, despite knowing the situation would make that difficult. We’d said hi once, yeah. But I certainly didn’t want to be seeing her all that often. Still, standing in the bright hot light of the temple, […]

Pixel Courage 36

Hard to see anything, in the darkness of The Sewers. I held my sword out. Didn’t want to waste time unsheathing it, if any danger came my way. The place was damp but hot. Smelled like shit, which made all too much sense. I walked along the side, a small walkway which kept me out […]

Pixel Courage 35

I walked down the cobblestone path of Charon, hoping to get out of the city so that I could just get away from the human-like NPCs. It was easier out in Meltdown Jungle and The Weeping Plains, where I didn’t have to deal with these NPCs complaining about their feelings, their screaming. The NPCs out […]

Pixel Courage 34

Standing in front of the door, I unsheathed my sword. Remembering it was a door, I re-sheathed my sword. Tried the door handle. It opened. Didn’t say a word. Took a step inside while looking around. The troll’s apartment was mostly modern: dirty dishes in the sink, empty bottles of booze, a well-worn sofa. The […]