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A Worse Idea 72

By Anne’s way of thinking, the styrofoam cup in her hand was fucking hilarious. She sat in a fast food joint called Burger Buddies, laughing. If she’d stopped to wonder why she was laughing, she probably wouldn’t have been able to come up with an answer. In fact, that magic of the moment would have […]

A Worse Idea 71

“You’re in here for crimes you didn’t commit,” Prometheus said. Randy nodded his head. “That body committed the crimes,” Prometheus said. “But you didn’t.” Something in Katie’s eyes sparkled. Prometheus wanted to leave it at just that. He wanted to tell her that everything would be alright, that he would be there for her, that […]

A Worse Idea 70

Eyes are a funny thing. They’re so ordinary, but so special. So commonplace, but so mysterious. They say eyes are windows to the soul. Doesn’t that leave us all exposed? Why are our souls so visible to the rest of the world? And why do so few people notice them? Prometheus didn’t go through these […]

A Worse Idea 69

Prometheus hated prisons. He’d never wondered why. The reasons seemed so obvious to him: nobody liked prisons. They were terrible places, filled with the worst society had to offer: the wretched, the wicked, the refuse. He’d felt sympathy for criminals before, no doubt. He understood that so many things could make a person do terrible […]

A Worse Idea 68

“I remember you,” the prison security guard said, sticking his neck through Prometheus’s driver-side window and looking at the interior of the car. “Mhm,” Prometheus said, hands on the steering wheel. “On TV?” “Yeah, on the TV.” The guard pulled his head back, but still kept his hands on either side of the driver-side window. […]

A Worse Idea 67

Anne lay on the floor. Honestly? She had no idea how much time passed. Felt like hours, felt like minutes. Time rolled on. Tears rolled down. That’s all she knew. Next Chapter Previous Chapter

A Worse Idea 66

Anne set the phone down, slowly. She forgot to disconnect the call, she was so caught up in the moment. Her mouth hung open. She stared at the bed she’d just crawled out of. She’d already been having sleeping problems. Ha. Seemed funny, looking back at that. Anne could vaguely hear Prometheus’s voice talking to […]