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Pixel Courage 19

I snapped out of my reverie, realizing the screen had gone dark a while ago. I opened my eyes for a second. Couldn’t get a handle on my surroundings, because suddenly a hot white light seemed to surround me. Crackling white energy swirled all around me. “Come to us,” a voice beckoned. “Come to us.” […]

Pixel Courage 18

So far as the world of Throne Quest was concerned, death was a Waiting Screen. Something felt off about that. Still, with no other choice but to sit there and stare at the black words spread across a blank white screen, I read the message, “Omniscience taught me the patterns of this world. Once I […]

Pixel Courage 17

Watching the life drain from me was an oddly cold process: I saw it at the bottom of my vision, where my HP bar slowly moved into the red, draining from 50% to 25%. No idea how much time passed. 10/30 HP The Thorn Guard took another HP point from the Zebda, but at the […]

Pixel Courage 16

I tried to take in a deep breath of air, but the air came in too quickly. I choked for several seconds, turning on my side. Some of the Zebda’s purple blood was violently ejected from my throat. It took me a bit to get my bearings, but slowly I began to stand up. Everything […]

Pixel Courage 15

While one of the Zebdas stuck with the Thorn Guard, the other one made its way towards me. The Zebda looked uglier, the closer it got, almost like it was suffering from the Uncanny Valley effect. Its eyes and claws were a little too big in proportion with its body. Plus, there was a strange […]

Pixel Courage 14

I was plagued by indecision, looking at the SKILLS TREE. I’d already bought THORN PUNCH and MILD EP REGEN, and those were working well for me. That’d been two levels ago, though. That meant an extra skill point and ability point that needed to get placed. But where? I wondered about the VINE branch on […]

Pixel Courage 13

Turned around and saw it was Paula. You could tell the humans from the robots in that moment: the people who turned to look were real people. The robots kept doing their work. That also highlighted something else for me: the robots were the ones doing jobs, the people weren’t. Had to ignore them, though. […]