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A Worse Idea 136

Anne ran towards the guy with the machine guns, figuring the Prometheus suit made her best equipped to deal with him. He whipped the guns around and shot at Anne. “Ow, ow, ow, ow,” she said, saying ‘ow’ each time one of the bullets hit her armor. It didn’t even hurt, per se, but she […]

A Worse Idea 135

“You’ve got an armored suit on,” Sharise said, jabbing her finger in Anne’s direction. “You should feel safer than anyone else here. And you should feel thankful for that safety, since they’re coming after you — not me or Jizz Man overe here.” “Yeah, but the suit’s a little fucked up,” Anne said. “I don’t […]

A Worse Idea 134

Though Anne, Sharise, and Jizz Man didn’t know it, they weren’t exactly going up against the Killer’s Gallery’s finest. No, the Killer’s Gallery had lost a lot of cred in the underground killing community, after their app had failed so catastrophically. For a bit there, all the assassins were looking at the app and thinking […]

A Worse Idea 133

Anne stood there, staring dumbfounded at the walking human-like sperm. Jizz Man didn’t stand still. Instead, he walked around Prometheus’s garage. His examination had a quiet, wide-eyed quality. Sharise stood in the garage, much like Anne. There was, however, one big difference. She wasn’t dumbfounded. Hell no. This Jizz Man had been around for less […]

A Worse Idea 132

Prometheus didn’t get an answer out of Randy. Randy didn’t say much of anything. Instead, Prometheus got a couple more blows in, taking the cyborg down. Prometheus kept watch on Randy, waiting for a crew to take Randy away. While he waited, he called Sharise. “We’ve got a problem.” “Oh, we’ve got a whole hell-ton […]

A Worse Idea 131

Prometheus and Randy both landed on the asphalt, hard. Metal scraped against metal scraped against skin scraped against asphalt. The shock of the impact left both of them unmoving for half a second. Prometheus moved first. In the tangle of limbs that he and Randy had become, Prometheus moved his elbow back. Slammed his fist […]

A Worse Idea 130

“Bobby,” Sharise said, speaking into her cellphone as she stared at the growing jizz-like substance in Prometheus’s garage. “You don’t know who I am, but I’m really gonna need you to answer some questions.” “What?” Bobby said, voice grobby. “Several weeks ago, you had an incident.” As Sharise spoke, the jizz-like substance mushroomed off of […]