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Pixel Courage 7

The archers were attacking the dragon, but everyone else looked a little ridiculous — standing there, waiting to see if the dragon would land on the ground so we could attack it. One elf looked even more ridiculous than the rest of us. She flung her arm out, attempting to Vine Smack the dragon. The […]

Pixel Courage 6

Nobody here was moving. The only sound was the sound of breathing. The Yones were off in the distance. Must’ve been Dumb AI, which meant they wouldn’t even notice a PC unless he got too close. The speck continued to grow, and I realized the thing must be huge. It was near some trees in […]

Pixel Courage 5

I was no longer a silhouette. Sure enough, the guy staring at me was a white guy. I fiddled around with my looks a little bit more, then worked on my stats. I had 21 points to put in five stats: STRENGTH, DURABILITY, AGILITY, WIT, and CHARISMA. Most of them were pretty self-explanatory. Strength affected […]

Pixel Courage 4

Waiting Screens were always surreal, because they essentially disembodied you. One moment you’re playing a game, and you forget that you’re living in a non-physical plane. Then you’re looking at the Waiting Screen — unable to move, unable to do anything other than wait or log off. My entire line of vision was taking up […]

Pixel Courage 3

I paused for a second, unsure I wanted to say what I really felt. But then I figured, if she didn’t like who I was or what I had to say, there wasn’t much use being around her. So I said, “Artificial Intelligence.” She shook her head. “You too?” “Your argument was all about the […]

Pixel Courage 2

+0 XP The taunting green letters floated above my eyes for a few seconds, then they disappeared. That was all I needed to know that this whole tutorial was a waste of time. I’d playtested the Alpha version of this game, just like I’d playtested the Beta version. Stuff had probably changed, sure, but I […]

Pixel Courage 1

“Would you like help during this tutorial? I can provide tips, hints, and explain the mechanics of the game,” the tutorial helper said. She was a red human-dragon hybrid, walking on two legs. She had a sharp, glistening smile and yellow-greenish eyes. Her long tail whipped back and forth behind her. “Go fuck yourself.” I […]