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Pixel Courage 12

Laying in bed, I hadn’t gone to sleep. The same thoughts had been swirling in my head all night, no matter how hard I’d tried to distract myself. Just wanted the sun to rise. That’s all there was to wait for. “–markets have absolutely crashed. Manufacturing and services are both in the toilet. Gold hasn’t […]

Pixel Courage 11

The VR headset whirred down. It sounded like one of those old 80’s computers I’d seen in a museum. Once the datapulse had finished, I was once again conscious of where I was: in my room, sitting down and wearing the headset. I grabbed onto the headset, which looked a lot like a set of […]

Pixel Courage 10

Dan and I didn’t say a word to each other the whole way through the town, which was fine by me. My goal here wasn’t to make friends; it was to find the one I’d lost some time ago. The Thorn King’s palace didn’t look all that different from the temple. It was a large […]

Pixel Courage 9

I felt exhausted. My breaths didn’t come fast, like I would’ve expected. They came slow, like a struggle. I leaned against the inside of the dragon’s mouth, because I felt too tired to stand up straight. My back on the dragon’s mouth, I felt something with my right foot. After feeling it with my foot […]

Pixel Courage 8

I woke up. It was an odd thing, at first. I hadn’t opened my eyes, so there was still the same bleak black nature of unconsciousness. But I knew I was awake because of my other senses. I felt the sickly grass under my body. Smelled something charred. My breaths were slow and steady. I […]