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Pixel Courage 31

I twitched when the microwave beeped. “Just a game.” Ran my fingers through my soggy hair. “Just a stupid fucking game.” I opened the microwave door and took out the calamari. Began shoveling it into my mouth. It was three in the morning — not exactly my favorite time to be awake. But I was […]

Pixel Courage 30

On the way to the Volcano of Dreams, I wondered what fighting Jhaness would be like. In the fog and soot that clouded my vision, it’d been hard to see her true form. Would she have claws? Fangs? How would she fight against me? I knew she had big wings. Would she try to pick […]

Pixel Courage 29

The line to the coin merchant was incredibly long, just like before. A big part of me didn’t even want to deal with it. Why not log off and try again tomorrow? I felt tired in away that didn’t feel rooted in the this world. Felt like I was so tired in the physical word […]

Pixel Courage 28

On the way back through Meltdown Jungle, I made sure to avoid the sort of creature that had attacked me before. That wasn’t too difficult for the most part. At one point, I began to hear a faint beat. ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum But I knew well enough to avoid the area. Carefully made my way […]

Pixel Courage 27

“You threw the coin in and made a wish?” “Yeah, I did exactly what you said.” “You must’ve made the wrong wish, then,” the monster told me. “Wrong wish?” I asked. “The wrong wish? You didn’t say there was a wrong wish!” “I told you to make the wish you believe in.” “Yeah, and I […]

Pixel Courage 26

“Hello,” the monster said. Without thinking, I lowered the sword. Monsters didn’t say hello. They didn’t sound like that, either: soft, old, like a grandmother “Hi.” My response. “You’ve reached The Volcano of Dreams,” she said. “I know.” “What dreams are you looking to fulfill?” Didn’t have an answer, not really. Dreams? I mean, yeah, […]