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A Bad Idea 31

Shade walked up the steps of the dormitory, whip-filled briefcase in hand. Anne couldn’t help but smile a little at the sight. It didn’t look that weird. Shade, with her ripped-up jeans and ‘don’t-give-a-fuck’ attitude, didn’t necessarily look like the sort of person who would carry a briefcase everyday. But it was plausible that she […]

A Bad Idea 30

“Holy shit,” Anne said, panting. “This whip better be, whew, better be made of, ohmygod, made of gold or something.” Shade laughed, driving down A1A. “You had to run for less than a minute. Are you really that exhausted?” “Some of this is like,” Anne took in a deep breath, “fear. I also had to […]

A Bad Idea 29

“Oh shit, oh fuck, oh god, oh no,” Anne muttered, fleeing from the house. In reality, she shouldn’t have bothered with the muttering, since it was just making her run out of breath quicker. Even without the profanity, everyone in this situation knew that something bad was going on. “Hey!” Wild Whip bellowed, not so […]

A Bad Idea 28

“Oh, what the fuck,” Whip said. A part of her wondered if she should run and get her whip before confronting the intruder, but nobody important would throw a rock at her window, so she decided against it. Anne slid out from under the desk, peeking over at the opened doorway. All she had to […]

A Bad Idea 27

“I’m going to get a drink,” Wild Whip said, ignoring the clock, which indicated the time as 2 PM. Whip’s girlfriend, used to the sudden outbursts of alcoholism, didn’t say anything. Instead, the two of them moved towards the den — the very same den where Anne was under a desk, hiding. As the two […]

A Bad Idea 26

“–I had a dollar for every time I walked in on those two sodomizing each other, I’d have at least a hundred bucks,” Wild Whip said, walking into her house with girlfriend in tow. “Which would be nice, but wouldn’t even begin to cover the amount Matthew spent on condoms over the years. There’s a […]

A Bad Idea 25

“Wow,” Anne said, noticing how beautiful everything in Wild Whip’s den was. “I bet she’s had sex on that,” She pointed at the beautiful leather sofa. “And that,” she said, pointing at the massive fur rug that draped the floor. Shade walked towards the room’s desk. Opened a small wood door, which hid a safe. […]