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A Bad Idea 75

The plan was simple: ask One-Eyed Jack who wanted The Golden Man. The problem? Shade had… difficulties with honesty. “You didn’t steal the statue?” One-Eyed Jack asked, standing on the beach. Shade was alone with him, so as to not scare One-Eyed Jack off. “He wasn’t a statue,” she said. “That a problem?” “That wouldn’t’ve […]

A Bad Idea 74

Billy Baker, the sixteen year-old wunderkind, walked into the basement. His plan was to once again steal Merchant Mariner’s beer, but as soon as he got down there, he noticed that The Golden Man was missing. “Guys, what the fuck!?!” he yelled. “I’m going to have to call you back!” Prometheus yelled into his cell […]

A Bad Idea 73

Prometheus was the next Superbud to enter the basement after the robbery/kidnapping/whatever. “I’m telling you, Cuba’s where the action’s at!” He shouted into the cell phone, as was his way. “The Cuban debt ship has sailed, and we never really had a chance since I’m an American. You figure they could cut me a goddamn […]

A Bad Idea 72

The Merchant Mariner was the first Superbud to enter the basement after the robbery/kidnapping/whatever. He grumbled, pissed off for two reasons. One, he’d barely gotten any time to swim, because some Atlantean prick had accosted him pretty early on, begging for the Mariner’s help in the latest Atlantean Civil War. As the Mariner tried explaining, […]

A Bad Idea 71

“I don’t know who exactly wanted to steal you,” Shade said. “Whoever it was hired a middleman.” “Don’t tell me it was One-Eyed Jack,” Anne said. “One-Eyed Jack?” Cat purred, raising an eyebrow. “It was One-Eyed Jack,” Shade said. “Ugh,” Anne said. She looked around the room at everyone. Finally, she said. “His name is […]

A Bad Idea 70

Melissa Klaw lounged on the sofa, her three right arms hanging off the side. Her upper left hand rested on her forehead, her middle left hand rested on her stomach, while her lower left hand rested on her leg. The upper right hand mirrored the lower left hand, in that they weren’t hands in the […]

A Bad Idea 69

The Golden Man took a drag off the pipe, cherrying the weed, getting the smoke in his lungs. He coughed as it came out. “So you have lungs,” Anne said. “One set or multiple?” The Golden Man held Anne’s gaze. “I’m not sure, but now I’m curious.” He passed the pipe back to Shade, who […]