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A Worse Idea 7

Prometheus drove through the outskirts of Fort Lauderdale, towards his workshop. It was pretty far from his home in Boca, admittedly, but he’d wanted a lot of space to work with. Space in Boca was fucking pricey, so the hourlong commute to Fort Lauderdale was something he was happy to deal with. He turned his […]

A Worse Idea 6

Prometheus left the bar a little bit after that, leaving Anne and Shade alone. “You doing anything after work?” Anne asked, looking down at her empty drink. “Probably just passing out,” Shade said. “Things’ve been busy.” “Yeah,” Anne said, trying to remember the last time she and Shade had hung out outside the bar. “They […]

A Worse Idea 5

Eating a piece of fish at the table, taking comfort in the fact that Prometheus shouldn’t be able to recognize her as an adult, Katie was hit with a vision. It was sort of like daydreaming. She could still see her surroundings, but she was less conscious of them. Instead, she was focused on the […]

A Worse Idea 4

Katie wiped a tear. God, she thought. It’s him. It seemed so long since she’d last seen Prometheus. He’d visited her a lot as a kid, but she wasn’t a kid anymore. She was a an adult, one who understood herself and her father so much more. Take, for instance, the reason Prometheus had never […]

A Worse Idea 3

“It happened fast,” Prometheus said. “Too fast. When he entered the room, I figured he had a meeting with the mayor. So many mayors have their pet metahumans, the ones who help with crime rates, or political espionage.” Prometheus took yet another sip of his drink. “I only saw the mayor for a second. It […]

A Worse Idea 2

“This White Tiger guy,” Prometheus said, looking at Anne to see if she was about to interrupt him. She didn’t, only because she wanted him to get further into a story. Then, when he proved his own douchiness again, she could come up with a great interjection. “He came to the city sometime in the […]

A Worse Idea 1

“Nobody fucked with White Tiger,” Prometheus said, drink in hand as he sat at Shade’s bar. “Of course, I didn’t know that, then. That’s why the world always needs new superheroes.” “To give the mentally ill a beating?” Anne asked. She sat a couple seats down — far enough so that she didn’t have to […]