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A Worse Idea 92

“What have you guys been up to?” Prometheus asked, sitting at the kitchen table. “We took down The Vanisher a couple weeks ago.” Merchant Mariner said. “She went bad again?” “Shouldn’t be surprised, you big softy,” Merchant Mariner said, scratching his gills. “Evans also broke out, so we put him back in.” Matt moved towards […]

A Worse Idea 91

Merchant Mariner leaned back in the kitchen chair, looking up at Prometheus. “Been awhile,” Mariner said. “Yeah,” Prometheus said, moving towards the kitchen counter. “I’ve been busy.” “Sharise said as much.” Prometheus picked an apple off the kitchen counter. Opened a drawer and took out a knife. Moved towards the table. “I heard about Katie,” […]

A Worse Idea 90

Prometheus hadn’t been to the Superbuds headquarters in a couple months. He hadn’t meant to let things slip like that. But he’d been so busy, with Anne and Katie and the guilt. He’d been running down to his workshop, taking care of corporate interests, buying and selling stocks. So much had happened. He’d been so […]

A Worse Idea 89

Anne had trouble going to bed. Well, that’s not exactly true. Going to bed wasn’t that hard at all. She walked up to the bed and lay down in it. You know, like how people lay in bed? But getting to sleep? That was the hard part. She couldn’t stop thinking about The Killer’s Gallery. […]

A Worse Idea 88

That night, Anne logged back onto The Killer’s Gallery app. The main page was the true killer’s gallery: three columns of pictures, each picture showing a different killer: monsters, mutants, fuck-ups, freaks, hitmen, hatchet-swingers, antagonistic trigger-happy butchers who resisted the human urge to create and instead gave into an opposing urge — that of destruction. […]

A Worse Idea 87

“You look troubled.” The voice came when Prometheus had his gaze directed at the floor. He lifted it and saw the priest. The priest had a soft voice, which matched his soft smile. “I’m fine, thanks.” Prometheus had difficulty mustering a smile, but he did so nonetheless. “Are you in need of counsel?” Prometheus shook […]

A Worse Idea 86

Prometheus sighed, looking up. The Catholic church loomed high, its spire twisting towards the sunny sky. “Sorry it’s been a while,” Prometheus told that sky. He walked into the church. It reminded him of when he’d been a kid. How much faith he’d had back then. So much trust. Things’d changed. Seeing all those men […]