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A Worse Idea 83

In the few seconds it took the elevator to ascend to the Metahuman Affairs office’s floor, Anne came up with a plan. She was going to meet with the MA lady, talk about some new stuff she’d been coming up with, ask for money or something.

Then during the meeting she could ask if she had to go to the bathroom.

Instead of the bathroom, she could sneak into their server room and do hacker stuff.

Was it a terrible plan? Absolutely! But give the girl a break. She’d only come up with it in the span of a couple seconds.

Anne felt oddly confident about her plan, as she stepped out of the elevator and into the office building hallway. It was a hallway with six doors. Not knowing which one to go through, she began turning knobs.

Five of them were locked.

Ohshit it’s locked, Anne thought. I can pick the lock, but then they’ll know I picked the lock. Shit, shit, shit.

When she reached the end of the hallway, she was greeted with one last door. She turned the golden knob and found that the door opened.

“Good to see you again, Anne. Please, take a seat.”

Anne’s eyes widened.

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