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A Bad Idea 54

“Been a weird week,” Anne said, sitting on her couch, holding a cup of coffee. “Yeah,” Shade said. “You killed a guy, cracked a safe, we got chased by a demon, the demon blew up.” “Yeah,” Anne said. “And I found a reporter in my bathroom.” “And that,” Shade said, taking a sip of her […]

A Bad Idea 53

“You’re probably asking yourself, ‘What’s this crazy lady doing in my bathroom?’” Betsy Arnold said, having just pulled her pants up in time to avoid anything too scandalous. “Am I right? Is that what you’re thinking?” Anne had to think about it for a moment. She was so shocked, that it genuinely took a second […]

A Bad Idea 52

“I’m not a lesbian, I’m pansexual,” Shade said, wearing plaid. “I’m a lesbian, but I don’t think it’s obvious that I’m a lesbian,” Anne said, remembering all those episodes of Ellen DeGeneres she’d watched — both the talk show and the ground-breaking sitcom. “One of their reporters caught me sneaking into Donald Trump’s mansion, so […]

A Bad Idea 51

Betsy Arnold, Ace Reporter, was determined to get the scoop. Sure, the big stuff had already been revealed: spaceship crashes into demon, church is magically protected against any attacks, somehow it all relates to gay marriage, bla bla bla. Betsy didn’t care about any of that. No, she cared about the good stuff. The deep […]

A Bad Idea 50

Anne felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest, only to punch her in the face a couple times. She wasn’t exactly clear on why her heart would do that — or what biological mutations would be required to make such an act even remotely feasible — but in this anxiety-ridden […]

A Bad Idea 49

Louis sat on the couch, staring at the odd postmodern art that Matthew had hung in the living room. “I’m telling you, Louis. There’s something going on there,” Matthew said, leaning on the kitchen counter, which opened into the living room. He mixed batter for a cake, watching Louis stare at the postmodern painting. “A […]

A Bad Idea 48

Ted crouched in the swamp, trou down, the visions of his many tormentors flashing before his eyes. “Fucking loser,” the spectre of his middle-school bully said. “Nerd,” his oddly hostile Kindergarten teacher teased. “You’re a disappointment to everything that I, a mean racist who never did anything with her life, stood for,” his bitchy grandma […]