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A Worse Idea 91

Merchant Mariner leaned back in the kitchen chair, looking up at Prometheus.

“Been awhile,” Mariner said.

“Yeah,” Prometheus said, moving towards the kitchen counter. “I’ve been busy.”

“Sharise said as much.”

Prometheus picked an apple off the kitchen counter. Opened a drawer and took out a knife. Moved towards the table.

“I heard about Katie,” Mariner said. “You told the stories about her a lot. I’m sorry.”

Prometheus sat down at the table. “Turns out she was an assassin.” He sliced a piece of apple off, then ate it.

“Shit,” Merchant Mariner said. Then, as if he hadn’t been heard the first time, “Shit.”

“Yeah.” Prometheus didn’t even mention Randy. Mariner had been through enough weird stuff to understand, but Prometheus didn’t have the energy to explain. He continued, “Been keeping myself busy, which is good. I can’t stop wondering, though. If I did everything I should’ve. If I could’ve helped her. If I could’ve saved her.”

“You couldn’t have,” Mariner said. “Some people don’t want to be saved. Those people aren’t worth fighting for.”

Matt entered the kitchen, wearing nothing but boxers.

“Uh,” Prometheus said.

“Prometheus!” Matt bellowed, raising his arms in the air, exposing his hairy armpits. “Good to see you again.” He bent down to give Prometheus a bear hug.

Prometheus smiled, despite the discomfort. “Hey, Matt. Where’s Louis?”

“Upstairs, washing off the…” Matt didn’t finish the sentence, which was a real blessing for all concerned.

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