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A Terrible Idea 4

Galactic Man wasn’t the only one convinced his son had come back to life. Back in Boca Raton, Florida, at the Boca Raton Bible Church, a Catholic priest was spreading the word of God to his congregation. “Of course, we’re not all gathered here today on this Holy Sunday for the sole purpose of shaming […]

A Terrible Idea 3

Galactic Man carried his daughter up to her room on the second floor. He set her down on her bed, letting her take a nap. She was, of course, a little old to be napping in the middle of the day. But clearly she’d earned the break. He gingerly closed her door. Then, he went […]

A Terrible Idea 2

Bailey wanted to cry, that’s all. Crouched there in the living room, head buried in her knees, back up against the wall, her body fought her. It wanted to shake. It wanted to cry. But she was Galactic Man’s good little girl, and she wasn’t about to cry. Not when he was sure to come […]

A Terrible Idea 1

Galactic Man loved the bullets. They pinged off his chest, ricocheting into the air. One shattered the window of his lovely home, another whizzed harmlessly through the leaves of an alder tree. Galactic Man smiled, not rushing. He would get to the shooter, but in his own time and at his own pace. He could’ve […]

‘Til Tuesday!

Alright, gang, that’s the end of A Worse Idea! (Check the post below this one if you haven’t read today’s chapter). There was some whacky shit in A Worse Idea that I loved, but overall I wish I’d outlined it. Therefore, I made up an outline for A Terrible Idea, the next book in this series! It […]

A Worse Idea 150

Prometheus never was the same, after his meeting with Anne. Oh, sure. A lot of his life’s exterior details were the same. Prometheus was still running businesses, trading stocks, tinkering with his mech suit and beating up bad guys. Sharise was still around, The Superbuds were still active. If you’d asked anyone from the public, […]

A Worse Idea 149

Anne sat in the graveyard, staring at a tombstone. Shade had been cremated, her ashes taken away by some relative Anne didn’t know. Anne would never see her friend again — not alive, of course. But she wouldn’t even get to see Shade’s ashes. So she sat in the graveyard, sun beating down on her. […]