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Pixel Courage 25

I hobbled through the jungle for a bit longer, thankfully not running into any more creatures. Sat down in a tangle of vines. Took out the thorns that were hurting the most. Took note of the fact that my HP Bar was roughly 60% full. Sometimes, the horror of the fight was so intense that […]

Pixel Courage 24

As I neared the volcano, I heard what sounded like a very loud heartbeat. Ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum It was going in a syncopated beat, and it only got louder, the closer I got to the volcano. Made me feel like I was in a really weird club, for some reason. Ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum […]

Pixel Courage 23

“Was fighting a Zebda,” I told the merchant, “and this coin was put into my inventory. The Thorn Sage told me to come to you, to figure out what it is.” The dwarf took the coin into his hand, examining it closely. “Never seen one of these. Interesting…” “What’s it mean?” I asked. “Well, the […]

Pixel Courage 22

The merchant’s line was artificially long, for two reasons. First off, it was doubtful that everybody in the line even played the game much. Once the real-world economy had gone to shit, a lot of people had taken to speculative trading of VRMMORPG currencies. A VRMMORPG currency was often most valuable early on in the […]

Pixel Courage 21

I looked up at the gross yellow sky. Sighed. A Zebda respawned right above me. I stabbed the jaw of its underside, then slashed its two eyes out. Four down. Six to go. Respawn. Got the Zebda’s eyes first. Crushed its claws, then smacked my sword against its shell. Five down. Five to go. This […]

Pixel Courage 20

Two Zebdas down, eight to go. I trekked through the stale yellow grass. Passed many Zebdas and many Thorn Guards. The wild crab-like things had such simple minds, such repetitive patterns. The Thorn Guards too, really. As I passed them, I found the Thorn Guards to be even grosser than the Zebdas. The Zebdas at […]