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A Terrible Idea 47

Anne Was Falling, But Not For Long. Galactic Man swooped in and caught her. He wasn’t going to let her die that easy. “What’d you do to my son?” he growled. The words didn’t feel strong enough. He wanted to wrap his hands around Anne’s throat; kill the little bitch who knew what’d happened to […]

A Terrible Idea 46

Ice Queen Fell To Her Death. In The End, She Wondered If Her Son Would Care. He Would; If Only She Knew. Next Chapter Previous Chapter

A Terrible Idea 45

It hadn’t taken Galactic Man all that long to find the jet Galactic Kill Squad was on. Once he knew that they were flying out of Johannesburg on a non-official flight, it was just a matter of patrolling the proper geography for the right jet. In the half hour it took for him to find […]

A Terrible Idea 44

David wasn’t dead. In fact, he never had been. Instead, he lay buried under layers of concrete, in the bar that Stanley ran, under the bar where Shade had worked. His heart had stopped, but his body had healed itself. He lay there for months, struggling to breathe with the limited air around him. At […]

A Terrible Idea 43

A car came to pick up Vanisher, Ice Queen, and Anne shortly after the robbery. The three of them didn’t talk too much; it seemed as though talking would ruin the significance of the moment. Vanisher merely sat there, holding Fallen Angel’s large, golden wings. Ice Queen spent her time staring out the window of […]

A Terrible Idea 42

Anne, Ice Queen, and Vanisher all made it out fine. Caine, on the other hand, got detained. He was taken to an underground bunker, where the Johannesburg Metahuman Police interrogated him. “What were you doing at the museum today?” “Fuckin’ up the lil shit whose mother I fucked.” “An important artifact was stolen from the […]

A Terrible Idea 41

Anne had de-activated the Anti-Teleportation Device while Caine distracted the guards, freeing the way for Vanisher to teleport into the museum. Vanisher stood outside that very museum, her greasy black hair tucked inside a baseball cap. These moments were always intense: right before she teleported to steal something. She rubbed her hands together. But it […]