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A Worse Idea 49

Prometheus was conscious of the way the seconds moved. Each one passed inexorably, bringing the cops closer to his location. Each second that passed was a second he hadn’t spent killing Randy. Made things feel more urgent. He didn’t want to kill this sad cyborg. But at the same time he did, didn’t he? “What’s […]

A Worse Idea 48

Anne called the police, speaking in hushed whispers right outside the door to the fast food joint. Meanwhile, Prometheus walked towards Randy. His fancy shoes tapped against the tacky, blue-and-white tiles. His face didn’t show emotion, which was just the way he liked things. Randy was the opposite. Sitting down, he was finishing off the […]

A Worse Idea 47

When Prometheus walked into the fast food joint, he figured one of two things were likely to happen. Either: a) Nobody would be there. It might’ve been because the signal had somehow messed up, or someone had somehow taken Shade’s tracker and left it there. or (and this seemed very likely by Prometheus’s estimation): b) […]

A Worse Idea 46

“Are you sure Shade didn’t want to go missing?” Prometheus asked. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure. Why?” Anne asked. Prometheus drove the car into the fast food parking lot. “Seems like an odd place for a kidnapper to go.” “You’re saying kidnappers don’t ever want a burger?” Anne asked. “Kidnappers are people too. They just, you […]

A Worse Idea 45

Janet laughed. She hadn’t had this much fun in a long, long time. Next Chapter Previous Chapter

A Worse Idea 44

Something had gone very, very wrong. Randy wasn’t sure of much, but he was sure of that. He was supposed to be with Shade, protecting the girl, making sure none of the assassins got to her. But something deep inside of him had brought him elsewhere. He sat at the fast food joint, eating a […]

A Worse Idea 43

Shade wasn’t dead. She just wished she was. Next Chapter Previous Chapter