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A Bad Idea 97

Cat woke up to the taste of cloth. George was in the driver’s seat of the car, trying to explain. “I don’t do this, normally.” This led Cat to give him a look. She tried saying, “What the fuck, man?” but the cloth prevented her from doing so. “You can take that off,” he said, […]

A Bad Idea 96

The Renflaxxxian ship landed outside the Starbucks, cracking asphalt with its impact. A hatch opened up, allowing Emprexx Melixxandra to walk out of the ship and onto the parking lot. She wore tall high heels, a thick corset, and one hell of a scaly hide. “You’ve done well,” the Emprexx yelled, looking up at The […]

A Bad Idea 95

By all sane standards of victory, The Golden Man had won. The police, the Superbuds, Anne and her crew: all had been taken down by the resplendent Golden Man. Cat had been taken away, George had decided not to even engage in the battle. That left The Golden Man, flying above everyone else, reflecting the […]

A Bad Idea 94

Cat watched all the mayhem from a distance, hiding behind a car in the Starbuck’s parking lot, thankful she hadn’t been seen by The Golden Man. Truth be told, she wasn’t a hero. She held no illusions to that effect, either: she knew she was bad. She liked that about herself. But she knew that […]

A Bad Idea 93

Last time, The Golden Man almost took down The Superbuds. When they arrived, things went down in much the same way. The Merchant Mariner broke down because he could never be human, because he worried he was running away from his Atlantean heritage. Louis and Matthew broke down, crying, clinging to each other, upset at […]

A Bad Idea 92

The Golden Man stood before Shade. His golden body was resplendent, blinding in its authority. She cried. It was rare for her to cry, really. She was a criminal and she knew it. She knew that society had driven here, that she hadn’t been raised in a good home, that she was doing her best […]

A Bad Idea 91

David woke up in the dark, hot as fucking Hell. He moved his arms, but hit wood. Felt his chest — he was wearing a suit. For a moment, he didn’t panic. He’d imagined situations like this before. He’d visualized punching out of a coffin before. He had super strength. It wasn’t impossible. He’d survive. […]