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A Goodbye

Wow. After the last couple years spent writing some 300,000 words, split between Kinda Super Gay, Godpunk, A Bad Idea, and Pixel Courage, it seems like I should have so much to say. Sitting here, writing this, it’s hard to get past that simple word. Wow. I posted the first chapter of Kinda Super Gay […]

Pixel Courage 46

Alex grabbed my arm; her hand felt cold. “Chris.” Her voice was weak. “I knew you’d come for me.” “Alex…” She smelled like old age and machine oil. Her skin had wrinkled just a little bit. “I wish you could’ve seen the things that I saw,” she said. “I… You were at the Beta, weren’t […]

Pixel Courage 45

The City of Charon seemed like little more than a blur. It was weird, after having gotten so immersed in this reality, but I realized it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter as much as Alex. A part of me even convinced myself that maybe I didn’t need to say goodbye to Raine. What was the […]

Pixel Courage 44

I sat in my bedroom, having logged off the game. Had to find Alex. Help her. Do what I could. At the same time, my body was killing me. A faint light poured through my window. Bird by the window squaked loudly. 6 AM. Couldn’t remember when I’d even logged on. The skin around my […]

Pixel Courage 43

The priestesses sat with me in a circle in the temple. “It started with an idea,” the priestess explained. “A creative being from the Hero’s world.” “I thought NPCs didn’t believe in the Hero’s world.” “We’re not all the same,” she said. “The Thorn Sage told me,” I said. “The Thorn Sage is… a complicated […]

Pixel Courage 42

I’d completed the mission. Standing back at The Thorny Sword, it felt like there was so much to do. Had to find Alex, find out what her problem was, and try to help her. But there was some comfort in the fact that I had done things: gaining new skills, Attribution Points, and so on. […]

Pixel Courage 41

“C’mon, Chris. Try a sip.” “I really don’t want to.” “It’s good.” “I… “Just a sip.” It was back in college when I tried alcohol for the first time. As with so many things, it was Alex who had to get me out of my comfort zone. “It’s good.” “Yeah, you see?” “Yeah, it’s… I’ve […]