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A Worse Idea 85

Anne chewed on her lip, driving back to the dorms.

Jennifer’s gift had been suspicious, to say the least. Anne glanced over at the file, sitting on the passenger seat of her car.

Anne hadn’t spent too much time studying it. The Metahuman Affairs office had made her feel weird, just like the whole building had, just like the whole block had.

What she’d managed to read on her way to the car look legit, though. It told Anne everything about Janet, the atom-sized assassin who’d killed Shade.


Anne wondered what Jennifer’s game was.

Seemed like she was the agent assigned to handle Anne. Jennifer was the one who commandeered Anne’s gadgets, and she had somehow known enough about Anne to be prepared with Shade’s info.

Was Jennifer’s job simply to help Anne out? Did the government just want Anne to owe it a favor?

Something more sinister, perhaps…

The info could be false. They could just be using Anne to take someone out they didn’t like.

Anne’s grip was tight against the steering wheel.

Does it matter? Anne wondered. This bitch must’ve done terrible things. So what if one of those bad things wasn’t killing Shade?

So it was decided. Anne couldn’t let Shade’s killer slip her grasp. And she really didn’t care if Janet wasn’t the actual killer.

All Anne wanted was to feel better.

She turned on the car radio.

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