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A Bad Idea 112

Six Years Ago

Cat and Shade lay in bed, Cat nestling on Shade’s naked side.

“It’s a lot of money,” Shade said.

“Not if you get caught.”

“I can just teleport away. How am I going to get caught?”

Everyone can get caught,” Cat purred.

The two lay there like that, Shade feeling Cat’s hot breath. For moments, it was enough. Then awful sound and awful thought went and mucked everything up.

“I’d be safer if you did the job with me.”

“You’re hot,” Cat said, “but you’re not worth prison.”

“It’s a lot of money.”

“You don’t know these guys.”

“I know their reputation.”

“You know they’ve pulled a couple jobs recently.

“Made millions.” At this point in her life, Shade couldn’t keep the awe out of her voice.

“They’ll lose it all, if they get caught.”

“I thought you liked the fast life.”

“Oh, I do,” Cat purred. “I really, really do. But there’s no champagne in prison.”

“God, you’re so hung up on that.”

“I’ve had friends who ended up there,” she said. “We weren’t friends by the time they got back out.”

Shade’s expression soured. “If I get caught–”

“I’ll still like you.” Cat felt everything was getting much too serious, so she stuck her tongue out and poked her lover with it. “Would be hard for me not to. But I won’t visit.”

“And when I get out?”

“I’d talk to you, I guess. But it wouldn’t be the same.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Shade said. “I’m doing it, and I’m not going to get caught.”

“Yeah,” Cat said.

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