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A Bad Idea 116

“What?!?” Shade asked, looking at her phone.

“What,” Anne said, in a curious, less unbelieving sort of way.

“What?” Superfreak asked, confused by both Shade and Anne.

Anne looked at the text Cat had just sent Shade, the one that said, “Go fck yourself.”

“Go fuck yourself!” Anne told the phone. “We thought you were in trouble? We worried about you? You’re a douche. The worst. Ohmygod. I’m so mad at you write now.”

“She can’t hear you,” Shade said.

“I know,” Anne said. “Ranting like this just makes me feel better.”

“What?” Superfreak asked again. He almost leaned over the table where everyone’s bagel crumbs still lay. Then, realizing that wouldn’t be very cool (and thus would be very un-Miles Davis-like), he decided to walk around. He looked over Shade’s shoulder, and saw what Cat had written. “Aw, man,” he said. “What?”

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