A Bad Idea 111

Anne, Shade, and Superfreak sat in Bagels And. Superfreak had gotten an Everything Bagel, though he’d already finished it, since he’d gotten there first. Shade had gotten a Salt Bagel, because she always got the Salt Bagel.

Anne had gotten the Egg Bagel, because it looked funny and she didn’t really know what the fuck she was doing.

“What’d you text Cat?” Anne asked.

Shade took her phone out, showing that she’d sent the word ‘hey’ to Cat seven times over a four hour period.

“That’s it?” Anne asked. “All you said was ‘hey’?”

“Seems pretty chill,” Superfreak said, leaning back in his chair, wearing douchey shades.

“Hear that?” Shade asked. “I’m chill.”

“I’m surprised you have to be chill,” Anne said. “You and Cat have such a long history.”

“It’s a little complicated.” Shade looked off to the side. “Like a lot of long histories.”

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2 comments on “A Bad Idea 111

  1. Mixed up Cat and Shade in a few spots.


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