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A Bad Idea 114

While Melissa Klaw passed out drunk on the couch and Theo loped around the house like a cat, George went to the bar, mustering up the liquid courage required to confront Cat.

This left Cat with a bit of alone time. So, all by herself in the master bedroom, she began drifting into sleep. It took some time — she was so tired, her body struggled to remember what sleep was. But she hit that sweet spot just before sleep, where everything felt good.

Her phone began buzzing on the nightstand.

“Go fuck yourself,” she muttered, delirious.

Her hand reached out for the nightstand that her eyes could no longer see. After fumbling for a few moments, she found the buzzing little thing.

“Go fck yourself,” she typed into the phone, still not opening her eyes. She sent the text.

Throwing the phone off the bed, she began to snore before it hit the floor.

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