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A Bad Idea 117

Shade tried figuring out why Cat would text that — why she would tell Shade to go fuck herself, instead of explaining where she was. Was it really her?

Yeah, she decided. Cat would say something like that. But where had she gone? Why hadn’t she gone back to her room?

In prison, Shade had been so ticked off at herself. She’d been the one who ruined the relationship. She was the one who’d been so excited about the money that she did a job with a crew she couldn’t trust.

But now she wondered. She’d been selfish, yeah. But was Cat selfish, too? Did Shade like Cat because Cat reflected her own selfishness?

“Whatever.” Shade ran her fingers through her hair. “Cat’s alive. I don’t need to deal with the rest.”

“I don’t really have anything to do today.” Anne sat there, wafting in the fumes of bagels past. “My whole day was supposed to revolve around finding,” Anne stopped mid-sentence, struggling to not say, ‘this bitch’. Instead she said, “finding Cat.

“Actually, I do have some plans.” Superfreak got up out of his seat. “Signed myself up for trumpet lessons last night.”

“You’re weird,” Anne said.

“Cool weird,” he said, snapping both his fingers. He walked backwards out of the bagel shop’s door. It wasn’t very cool at all.

Things had grown quiet. Most of the people had left the shop. Every once in awhile, the little bell rang and someone came in. But that was all background noise. Suddenly, strangely, Anne and Shade felt they were the only two people around.

“It was nice of you to help,” Shade said. “I know you don’t like her.”

Anne shrugged. “I like you.”

“I know.”

The bell rang.

“You’re free all day?” Shade asked.


“We should get some drinks.”

Shade smiled, then Anne smiled.

The bell rang as they walked out of the shop.

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