A Bad Idea 43

Nomed the demon thought on better days, less lonely days.

For a brief moment, standing there looking inside the church, he couldn’t help it. The whole situation so strongly resembled his childhood. He remembered auld lang syne, when he and his best friend Kcufttub had frolicked in the flames, making occasional forays to earth in order to burn churches.

Of course, Kcufttub had ended up contracting cancer. It’d been sad, but eventually the demon had died and gone to Heaven.

Which was great for him, but not so much for Nomed, who felt so very alone.

And he’d walked through a portal opened by Marja the Demon Diplomat, but what for? What was all this really solving?

Nomed decided to get his life together. He realized he needed some sort of plan, some sort of action. He’d only just realized it, but the death of his friend had sent him into a somewhat deep depression. But with a little help and a lot of determination, he thought he could maybe–


oh SHIT.

A spaceship just crashed into Nomed and EXPLODED right in front of the church.

That was…

Nomed was going to have this whole CHARACTER ARC and…

Wow. Just…


Come back tomorrow. Maybe you’ll get to see another spaceship blow up.

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3 comments on “A Bad Idea 43

  1. Poor Nomed


  2. Is it wrong that I’m glad it was the spaceship, and not Anne? Because really, she’s been having a pretty up-and-down week, and killing a demon who was trying to reform would have probably landed things in the down category. Unless she’s now going to get a complex over not being the one to save people from the demon, who was only reformed in his mind. … Y’know what? I think Anne’s just gonna end up down regardless. But I’m still glad it was the ship, not her.


  3. :O!!!


    But… but – Nomed…!

    I’m – just… I’m gonna be sad for a little bit. 😥 I know he was a demon, but he was our demon.

    If you ever get into merchandising, by the way, I outright demand a Nomed that goes, “Blargh blargh blargh where is my family? I’m all alone.”


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