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A Bad Idea 44

The Superbuds arrived on the scene just in time to see the spaceship crash into the demon. They didn’t really know how to react to that.

In all fairness to them, how did you react to that? What was the proper reaction? I mean, you could’ve said something like, “Oh my god,” or “Oh shit,” but that just didn’t seem dramatic enough for the situation.

“That’s really cool,” just about covered the emotion of the thing, but it was also kind of insensitive, you know?

So the Superbuds all arrived on the scene — Louis and Matthew on their very gay motorcycle, and the other four in their BudMobile. The driver of the BudMobile (which was actually just a Porsche, because these guys were rich assholes) was Gilgamesh, the ancient immortal — the man who had lived through millennia.

Yet all he could say when he saw the scene was, “That’s new.”

Prometheus, the billionaire thrill-seeking serial entrepreneur who also happened to own one of the most powerful armored suits in existence, merely opened his mouth. Words were supposed to come out of the mouth, but after a few moments thought he realized nothing was there. So he closed his mouth again.

The Merchant Mariner, a seaman who’d thought he’d seen it all, merely shook his head. “I’ll be fucked,” he grumbled.

Billy Baker, The Superbuds’s sixteen-year-old wunderkind, decided to take a vine.

Chewing on gum, he started recording the vine. He pointed his phone camera at Merchant Mariner and asked, “What do you think?”

“Fuck it,” Mariner said. “Just fuck it.”

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