A Bad Idea 42

So it was that Matthew yelled, “For the love of Liza Minnelli! There’s a demon in town, and The Superbuds are the only ones who can stop it!”

Louis tittered, nibbling a bit on his finger. “I love it when you talk campy.”

He got up, kissed Matthew, and the two made their way to the church.

Though Louis loved the way Matthew talked about the demon, Matthew’s statement was very much false.

Because meanwhile, off in outer space…

British space-exile Smith drove a Renflaxxxian spaceship towards planet Earth. The Dad, AKA Renflaxxxian Supreme, was sitting right behind Smith, backseat driving.

“Foolish human, we should’ve stopped for fuel at The Sombrero Galaxy.”

“Oy, right you are, sir,” Smith said, trying to be conciliatory to his master while not pointing out that the idea was absolutely terrible. Rule Number One for any good road trip: never stop at a place that has ‘The Sombrero’ in the name. It was bound to be some racist tourist trap where the only thing more liable to make you puke than the tequila were the tacos.

Unfortunately, The Dad did have a point in that the ship was running very low on gas. So low, in fact, that he was beginning to lose control of it. The control systems were shutting down, and the ship was beginning to careen towards Earth.

“Blimey,” Smith said.

Meanwhile, in the church…

Anne and Shade carried a large wooden cross somewhat awkwardly, while the stoned-off-his-ass janitor stared at them in confusion.

“You’re mormons, aren’t you,” the janitor said, framing it as a question but saying it with strong conviction. “Mormons always do the weirdest shit in–”

He didn’t finish his sentence, because he suddenly noticed that a giant demon eye was staring at him through one of the church windows.

Meanwhile, outside the church, Nomed the demon was very sad…

Blarg blargh blargh, he thought to himself. No family here. I’m all alone, blargh blargh.

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3 comments on “A Bad Idea 42

  1. “Nomed the demon was very sad…

    Blarg blargh blargh, he thought to himself. No family here. I’m all alone, blargh blargh.”

    Changed my list. The demon is now number one in my heart.


  2. You said they left from a system past alpha Centura but now they are mentioning refueling at another galaxy…
    Should call it the Sombrero station or outpost…


  3. Everyone thought Nomed the demon wanted to kill all of humanity. All he wanted was a hug… Poor misunderstood Nomed 😦


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