A Bad Idea 37

Anne and Shade parted ways at the beach. Anne went home, but even though it was very late, she found that she didn’t want to sleep.

So she turned on the receiver for the bug she’d planted in The Owls’s headquarters.

“–always that way,” Mud said. “I saw the bitch cry about litter, once. Now if you all would let me get the fuck back to slee–”

“No,” Jeanine explained. “This one’s bad. I don’t want to be in the room while she’s like this, but we need to be awake. Alert.”

“We live next to a church that’s been magically enchanted against all forms of attack,” Mud said. “Some alarms would have gone off if–”

“We need to treat this seriously,” Jeanine said. “I feel we need to–”

“Maybe you feel–”

“Mud,” David said, “this is serious.”

“I’m just saying,” Mud explained, “Marja shouldn’t be runnin’ around the astral plane with demons if she can’t be trusted to stay in control.”

“She needs to. She’s a demonic ambassador, but things went too far this time,” Jeanine said. “I’m afraid she might–”

The receiver received nothing but static. A lot of it. Loud static. For half a second, Anne wondered if something in the setup had broken. But then a scream pierced through the white noise.

Anne took in a deep breath. She wanted to think she had a choice, but she knew she didn’t. Grabbing her keys and laser saw, she flung herself out the door.

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2 comments on “A Bad Idea 37

  1. Mudd seems to have gained an extra ‘d’ in her name? More importantly, why is Anne grabbing a laser saw, I wonder? I can’t entirely figure out if she want to help. Well, more to the point, I can’t entirely figure out what her version of “help” would entail. She doesn’t seem to deal very well with unexpected things.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like that conflict in her personality, where the few times Anne decides she has to help, she forgets she’s kinda… well – bad at it. She’s bad at being good, where I don’t think that makes her bad, which is where you get Shade and David working to pull her into their respective camps.

      Or maybe I’m thinking WAY too hard about this.


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