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A Bad Idea 15

Anne felt a shiver roll down her spine, as she walked away from The Owls’s base. That was one of the things about people she hated: the way they could make you feel. No amount of laughter or intrigue could really make up for it — that punch-in-the-gut feeling that made her feel wrong.

She stopped, then turned to look at the church.

“Boca Raton Bible Chapel,” the sign read, though it was a little hard to see, since the sun was setting. “Now offering free coffee and eternal life.”

A smile slipped onto Anne’s face. Dumbasses. They could always be relied upon to make her feel better.

She walked on the grass, weaving through all sorts of cars — a couple of them souped-up enough to belong to superheroes. The din of celebration came from the church, getting louder and louder as Anne approached.

She stood in front of the big church doors for a second, knowing this was a stupid idea. She’d never crashed a wedding before. On the one hand, it couldn’t be that bad. On the other, the sort of weddings Shade would be hired to work at couldn’t possibly be normal.

Anne didn’t think about it too much. She pushed the church doors open.

That’s the thing about feeling bad. Sometimes, it pushes you to stop thinking and just do something.

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