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A Bad Idea 64

Stanley the church janitor — who’d stopped cleaning up the church shortly after the spaceship-demon collision — stood in the Superbuds’s headquarters, mopping the floor. He had iPod earbuds in and was listening to Gorgoroth, a Norwegian black metal band.

He had a bit of a smile on his face, because he knew he was about to fuck the Superbuds over. You see, that was the thing about the Superbuds, from Stanley’s POV: they were kind of douchebags.

They weren’t the worst people in the world, mind you. They were just kind of… douchey.

Rich guys who’d had success beating up criminals? They were like cops, but even stronger and douchier. Which was to say they were pretty douchey.

So it was that Stanley left the security system off for Shade and her supervillain crew. After all, she’d slipped him a couple hundred bucks to screw over a couple of douchebags, and then offered him a cut of whatever money she made from the deal.

Who could say no to that?

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