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A Bad Idea 63

Anne, sitting in the classroom desk, raised her hand.

Shade arched an eyebrow at her, in a ‘what the fuck are you doing we’re not really holding a class right now what sort of teacher would I be I can’t teach shit except perhaps crime which they don’t hold lessons for other than criminal justice but that’s different because those classes are about catching criminals not being them’ sort of way.

“Yeah, Anne?” Shade asked.

“How are we going to get inside?” Anne asked. “I mean do they have a security system that you have to figure out how to dismantle?” She didn’t really notice Shade’s glare, not because it was super subtle (it was, in fact, very obvious), but because she was distracted by the desk she was seated in.

You know those annoying desks in schools where the desk is attached to the chair by just like the metal bar? It was one of those. Even worse, it was a rightie desk, whereas she was a lefty. And she was trying to take notes on how to do this heist, but it was hard cause she didn’t have a place to rest her arm. So her elbow was getting tired.

That wasn’t even mentioning the fact that Shade and Cat clearly had some sexual chemistry, which was upsetting because Anne and Shade had little to no sexual chemistry, but boy did Anne want them to.

Shade said, “We know a guy on the inside. He’s going to leave it off for us, in exchange for a cut of the take.”

“We?” Anne said. “Who do we know?”

Shade smiled.

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