A Bad Idea 62

It took three days for Shade to put the pieces together: to find the buyer who was looking for an expensive object, and then to find a way into the building that housed said expensive object. On the fourth day, she met with the club of evil doers.

Doctor Madd, who now went by the name “SuperFreak” and wore a ripped tie-dye t-shirt, rented the room out for the “Quiggle Club,” so named because quiggles weren’t real things, and no one would want to try and join club devoted to whatever the heck quiggles were.

Shade stood in front of the whiteboard, dry erase marker in hand.

“You want to break into the Superbuds’s lair?” Cat asked, leaning back, her arms stretched in the air, her catlike claws reflecting the fluorescence in a way that somehow managed to look elegant. “Seems a little dangerous, doesn’t it, Shadow?”

Shade smiled, twirling the black marker, flipping it over her four fingers, slipping it back in-between her thumb and pointer finger, then starting again. “Everything good in life is.”

“Even love?” Cat asked, pouting a bit.

“Especially love.”

“I guess I’m a dangerous woman,” Cat purred.

“You always were,” Shade whispered. “For some reason, I can’t stop chasing danger.”

“Danger doesn’t want you to stop.”

At this exact moment, Emma took in a deep breath of air, then yelled, “THESE TWO HAVE HAD SEX. YOU KNOW IT. WE ALL KNOW IT. NOW LET’S FIGA OUT HOW TO STEAL SHIT.”

“Yeah, man,” SuperFreak said. “I think that’d be real rad, you know?”

“I…” Anne looked for the word, “don’t. I don’t know. I’m very confused right now.”

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2 comments on “A Bad Idea 62

  1. “You want to break into the Superbuds’s layer?” should be lair, unless there is a truly terrible pun coming up later.


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