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A Bad Idea 60

“Fine. Ve’re bad guys!” Doctor Madd said. “So, Anne, vould you care to join our club?”

Anne cast a wary glance at the group. “Were you guys going to let me into the group even if you ended up being heroes?”

“Honestly?” Cat said. “No, not really. Everybody says that you’re a bad guy.”

“A bad guy?” Anne said. “A bad guy!?!”

“I mean, look at the company you keep, you know?” Emma actually hiccuped and it was super awkward for all involved because seriously who gets drunk hiccups. “Shade’s a criminal and everybody knows it.”

“I mean, I’m not saying we’re good people,” Anne said. “If you had to call us superheroes or supervillains, we’d probably fall firmly in the supervillain category, sure. We steal stuff and we’re not always doing the most legal of things. But that doesn’t make us bad guys. We’re not even guys!”

“Bad people, then,” Cat purred.

“That just feels judgey,” Anne said. “We’re criminals, okay. Sure. But superheroes can be bad people, just like supervillains can be good people. Or at least, good-ish.”

“Alright, okay,” Doctor Madd said, hands in the air. “I see you have a point! You don’t vant to join?”

Anne took a deep breath. “Actually, if you guys want to plan a heist, I could really use a little extra cash for this mech I’m looking to build.”

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