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A Bad Idea 59

“I’m a cat person, Doctor Madd is called Doctor Madd, and Emma’s too drunk to give a shit about other people. I’m pretty sure we’re villains,” Cat said, lazing on the club room’s lounge chair.

“These are very good points, without a doubt,” Doctor Madd. Anne noticed that he slipped out of his German accent for a moment, but chose not to point it out.

“But I’d like to think ve can be more than just the sum of our parts,” he continued. “That ve can strive for something great, something grand! That I may be a mad scientist vith a metal hand, and you may be a weird cat person, and Emma may be unt sad stargazing alcoholic, but isn’t that vat life is? Striving to be something greater? For zis reason, I believe ve should be good guys!” It was almost like he added a couple unts to make up for the slipped accent early on.

“We should be bad guys.” Emma took a swig of her Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can.

“But vy!?!” Doctor Madd cried out, surprised Emma came to her decision so easily.

“Because Cat promised me free beer for a month.”

“I should’ve thought of that,” Doctor Madd muttered to himself, shaking his head.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Cat said. “That vote’s going to cost me a lot of cash.”

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