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A Bad Idea 58

Doctor Madd and Cat looked at each other. Emma, quite inebriated, didn’t seem to notice anyone’s discomfort.

“Ve don’t really know vether ve’re heroes or villains,” Doctor Madd said.

“We’re definitely superpowered,” Cat said.

“And ve’re definitely hoping to become some sort of team.”

“Right,” Cat said.

“Do you guys plan on figuring that out?” Anne asked. She didn’t want to push, but being part of a club that didn’t know what it was doing seemed like a bad idea.

(See what I did there? Actually it was an accident this isn’t some “ooh this sentence has the title it’s really important” sort of thing. This sentence isn’t going to change your life. It doesn’t contain the soul of the story. I just feel like it’s a true statement: joining an organization that doesn’t know what it’s doing is a bad idea! And now you know, kids. Kiddos. Buckaroonis. I imagine a lot of you are older than me but just go with it, kids. Actually please don’t be kids I swear a lot here. I think I’ve said the word boobs a couple times?)

“That’s actually what our first meeting is about — figuring out whether we should be heroes or villain,” Cat said.

“Okay,” Anne said, “am I being offered membership into this club?”

“We were very impressed at some of your earlier,” Cat purred, sitting in the club room’s armchair, “exploits.” Her tail snaked across the seat of the chair and onto the floor. She wagged it back and forth.

“Ve’ll figure it out right after ve understand vether ve’re heroes or villains,” Doctor Madd said, standing up so as to assert his so-called presidency of the disorganized club. It wasn’t particularly surprising that the club was so disorganized. College kids, after all, are so rarely organized.

“So, let’s have a vote,” Cat said. “Are we heroes or villains?”

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