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A Bad Idea 35

Anne didn’t really know where to look, when One-Eyed Jack walked up to her and Shade. It shouldn’t have been a big deal no matter where she looked, since it was dark and he wouldn’t be able to see her.

But still, there was a pang of awkwardness. He was, after all, a hardened criminal. Did she make sure to look him dead in the eyes, or was that considered a challenge? Couldn’t look at the floor or she’d be considered weak.

Maybe if she had something to hold it would’ve been better. She considered snagging the briefcase from Shade, but at that point it probably would’ve looked awkward.

So she sort of just stood there on the sand, gazing into the ocean. She figured that made her look deep, and possibly tough.

As soon as One Eyed Jack got close enough to speak, he bellowed, “The two ladies I’m looking for!” His breath stank of rum and he wore an eyepatch. No one knew it, but he actually had two eyes. He was just really committed to the role he played.

“That’s for me?” he asked, pointing at the briefcase. He was talking at a volume that made both Shade and Anne a little uncomfortable. Shade, at the very least, didn’t find it so surprising.

“Yes,” Shade said, much more quietly.

One-Eyed Jack took out a big rubber-banded wad of bills from a pocket, slapped it into Shade’s hand, and grabbed onto the briefcase. He spun around and walked into the darkness, not saying another word.

“Crime is weird,” Anne said.

“Yeah,” Shade replied, “It really is.”

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One comment on “A Bad Idea 35

  1. Nothing makes me happier than a smooth and efficient transaction. 😀


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