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A Bad Idea 20

“The Wild Whip?” Anne said, sitting with Shade on her couch. “She was drunk, old, and weird. The way she said ‘in the flesh’ freaked me out.”

Shade let out a bit of a smile. “She’s eccentric.”

Anne was kind of turned on by the way she said that word. Eccentric.

Shade continued, “She’s also worth millions. Used to be a cat burglar back in the day.”


“So,” Shade said, “I’m a career criminal. When I see rich people, I get excited.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“I don’t mean to be pushy,” Shade said. “But I hid a dead body for you. Literally. You owe me a lot of favors.”

“Oh god.”

“It’s nothing,” Shade said. “I just need your help getting Wild Whip’s Whip.”

“Wild Whip’s Whip?”

“It’s hidden in a safe that I’m going to need you to break into.”

“I’m not a safecracker,” Anne said.

“I know, but the guy I usually work with is…” Shade stopped mid-sentence, eyes shifting around the room as if she was looking for any possible excuse to change the subject.

“He ended up in prison, didn’t he?”

“Prison’s such a strong word,” Shade said.

“Is it accurate?”

“In a word? Yes.”

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