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A Bad Idea 21

Anne didn’t know anything about safecracking, so she sat at the desk in her bedroom for forty-eight hours straight, studying it.

She was smart. She’d figure it out.

The real question was whether or not she could crack a safe while people shot at her.

Not that people would definitely be shooting at her. It just seemed like a decent bet. Given that she would be committing a crime.

That was the advantage of building a giant mech: insulation. Specifically, insulation from people’s fists.

Half of the tabs opened on her computer were about safecracking: the history of it, a couple Reddit threads where people asked about specific safes, a couple videos hailing from the weird side of Youtube.

The other half were distractions: a Youtube playlist of Nightcore songs, a Twitter parody account of gritty superhero Prometheus, and an Instagram page consisting solely of pictures of cute dogs.

So far as she could tell, safecracking didn’t seem all that hard. There were WikiHow pages on it, for pete’s sake!

Shade peeked into the room. “You ready to go break into that safe?”

“Sure,” Anne said, mostly lying. “I just need to sleep for… a while.”

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