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A Terrible Idea 47








Galactic Man swooped in and caught her. He wasn’t going to let her die that easy.

“What’d you do to my son?” he growled. The words didn’t feel strong enough. He wanted to wrap his hands around Anne’s throat; kill the little bitch who knew what’d happened to her son.

(What a shame Galactic Man hadn’t watched the news in the past couple hours! If only he knew David was still alive!)

Anne felt Galactic Man’s arms tight around her waist. She struggled to breathe. Her lungs would try taking in air, but at such a high altitude, there wasn’t anything for her to breathe.

Galactic Man wrapped his arms around her head, flying as fast as he could without hurting her. To kill her, he had to save her life.

Anne felt the vial of Bugman’s blood, which she’d slipped into the pocket of her jeans. She was going to have to kill him soon. This was her chance.

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