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A Bad Idea 93

Last time, The Golden Man almost took down The Superbuds. When they arrived, things went down in much the same way.

The Merchant Mariner broke down because he could never be human, because he worried he was running away from his Atlantean heritage.

Louis and Matthew broke down, crying, clinging to each other, upset at a society that hadn’t let them get married for such a long time. Of course, now they could. But it still didn’t stop all the pain, did it? Didn’t wipe away the memories of homophobia.

Prometheus took a minute to break. After all, he’d dealt with people calling him names, trying to close society off to him. He’d dealt with all the shit and filth that tried to cling to him in this racist society.

But he’d risen above it. He’d become goddamn rich, he’d become a goddamn superhero, a goddamn miniature god.

The Golden Man got him in the end, though, when Prometheus remembered why he’d chosen never to have a daughter. He feared what the world would do to her. He feared what the world thought it should do to her.

Just like the rest, he cried.

Billy Baker was the one who’d taken The Golden Man, last name. A mere kid, he’d stared The Golden Man in the eyes, letting him know there was nothing he was ashamed of, nothing he was self-conscious. He was The Smartest Kid on This Damned Earth, and he wanted everyone to know it.

Things had changed. He’d realized that calling himself “The Smartest Kid On Earth” wasn’t true, it was presumptuous, there were so many people out there who knew so much more than he did.

The more people he came to know, the less intelligent he seemed. Maybe he’d been a prodigy at birth, but it became so much harder to keep up with everyone around him. It required work to be the Smartest Teenager In Every Room.

He wasn’t. That’s why he cried.

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One comment on “A Bad Idea 93

  1. D:

    I did not come here for feels, yet here we are.


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