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A Bad Idea 77

Shade was only gone for a couple hours. Nobody left Anne’s apartment, since it was getting late and things had sort of turned into a party.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the truth or dare session. Superfreak gave Cat a dare, which had led her to snake her arm through one of the campus’s vending machines, snagging snacks for the party.

Cat gave Emma a dare, which explained why she ended up taking off her pants and rubbing her ass against Anne’s window, much to Anne’s chagrin. No one could explain why Cat had given that particular dare, least of all Cat.

Emma gave Anne truth, asking if Anne had done anything truly awful. Anne said yes, though refused to elaborate.

Anne asked what The Golden Man’s least favorite emotion was. He replied, “Guilt.”

The Golden Man gave Superfreak truth, getting what everyone agreed was the easiest question of the night: “What’s your real name?” He admitted it wasn’t Doctor Madd. Apparently, his parents named him Fred.

When Shade got back to Anne’s place, she nearly forgot why she’d left. All she could say was, “Why isn’t Emma wearing pants?”

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