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A Bad Idea 56

Anne turned around and looked at the German kid. “Me?”

“Yes. Vith you.”

“Okay,” Anne said, a bit flustered. She’d seen this kid around, sure. Had she noticed the metal hand? Yeah, of course. But he didn’t really talk much. Never to her, in fact. “What do you want to talk about?”

“A club,” he said, “A league, if you will.”

“I don’t know if I will until I know what the club is.”

The German student blinked a couple times, a ‘wtf did you just say and why did you say it?’ spread across his countenance.

“Nevermind,” Anne said. “Shoot. What’s your club thing?”

“It’s secret,” the German kid said. “I can’t just tell you out here, like this.”

Anne looked around. The clouds had been threatening rain all day, so no one was out and about. Nobody was out right now, ready to overhear whatever great secret the German student wanted to reveal.

They were all inside, doing whatever the heck normal college kids do these days (Sex? Drugs? Rock and Roll? Dungeons and Dragons? Demonic Summoning? Summoning Sex Demons? Summoning Sex Demons While On Drugs? Summoning Sex Demons While On Drugs While Playing Dungeons and Dragons While the Rolling Stones’s Song “Sympathy For the Devil” Plays In The Background?)

You’re going to have to figure out this one yourself. Just imagine whatever you want to imagine (except masturbation, you sick perverts).

“Where do you want to tell me, then?” Anne asked.

“We’re having a meeting in an hour, over by the HPT building. Can you make it?”

“Sure,” Anne said.

With that, he left.

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