A Goodbye

Wow. After the last couple years spent writing some 300,000 words, split between Kinda Super Gay, Godpunk, A Bad Idea, and Pixel Courage, it seems like I should have so much to say. Sitting here, writing this, it’s hard to get past that simple word. Wow. I posted the first chapter of Kinda Super Gay […]

A Terrible Idea 43

A car came to pick up Vanisher, Ice Queen, and Anne shortly after the robbery. The three of them didn’t talk too much; it seemed as though talking would ruin the significance of the moment. Vanisher merely sat there, holding Fallen Angel’s large, golden wings. Ice Queen spent her time staring out the window of […]

Taking Friday Off

Hey all! Hope you had a good Labor Day. Just throwing this quick note up to let you guys know I’m taking this Friday off. (Consider it a late Labor Day, lol.)

A Worse Idea 74

Anne got back to work the next day. Prometheus had been hoping she would take a couple days off, but when he saw her come into the garage, he didn’t have the heart to tell her to go home. Besides, he figured. Where else would she have to go? She kept herself busy, working furiously […]